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Escape Your Limits

Apr 26, 2023

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we continue our journey at FIBO by sitting down with prominent members of Europe Active at the European Health & Fitness Forum.

We were able to pick apart the brains of:

  • The Fitness Director of Armah Sports, Julio Papi, 
  • The CEO of Exi, Grace McNamara
  • The Vice President Global Enterprise of Sports Alliance GmbH, Jennifer Halsall-de Wit
  • The COO & Owner of BlackBox Publishers, Kelby Jongen

The topics of discussion ranged from:

  •          The movement for diversity, equity, and inclusion gaining tremendous momentum in the fitness industry
  •          What the trends are in the fitness programming space
  •          And why exercise plays a vital role in combating obesity, along with anti-pharmaceuticals and medication

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