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Escape Your Limits

Apr 12, 2021

Dr. John Jaquish is an innovator, thought leader in the biomedical fitness market, and a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of the book "Weight Lifting Is a Waste of Time." His objective? To challenge you to rethink how you burn fat and add muscle. 

That's what led him to invent OsteoStrong, a bone-density building medical device used to fight osteoporosis, which is now in 130 clinics in 8 different countries.

The X3 Bar is his most recent invention. At 6’0” and 240 pounds, he has a zero-carb diet and works out 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week. He claims that, along with an unconventional diet, by using the X3 for only 10 minutes a day you can have the body of someone who spends hours in the gym every week.

Tune in to our conversation as Dr. Jaquish dives into his research-based but controversial approaches to strength training, muscular development, and diet. He also addresses the criticisms he’s received online.